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June 2007

Well, I've added two new obituaries to my site.  Unfortunately one was of my great-uncle Mick's wife Kate.  I only met her once, but my dad said she was a very sweet lady.  It's sad to know that she's gone.  My sincerest prayers for the family.

The other obituary I discovered was for my great-great-great-grandfather William Stiver.  I stumbled upon Altoona Mirror newspaper images from the early 1900s on last night.  Some very interesting stories from way back then!  I may post a page on here just for kicks.  Anyhow, the obituary was very eloquent, not like today's standard obits.  It was also nice to now have a death date to fill in.

August 2007:  Planning to visit family in and around Altoona, plus research and visit Franklinville, Spruce Creek and Huntingdon, PA.

May 2007:  Okay, so I haven't been on this site in FOREVER!!!  Reason why....couldn't remember my dang password or login!  Anyway, I'm back and I'm ready to start my search again. 

I might be switching gears though and working on my grandmother's side for awhile.  My parents and I are taking a trip to Amherst, TX (very small town in panhandle) to see where my dad and grandmother attended school and lived.  She was Valedictorian!  I'm very excited about the trip next week and plan on taking lots of photos!

August 2006:  Well, I returned from our 1st Girls Gone Cruisin' trip and we'll definitely be repeating the fun soon!

Wanted to give some love to Ray Stiver out in Florida.  He lives with his wife, Judy and their son Chistopher, who they call Buggy.  Ray sends an update of his daily routines at Stiver Swamp.  If you're interested in getting on his email list, just let me know and I send your info his way.  Lots of great pictures and funny stories.  He's without a doubt a very unique Stiver.

Ray's Stiver line comes from Lansing, Michigan where his grandfather, Charles Stiver and brother Blair moved to.  Basically Ray's grandfather and my great-grandfather were brothers.  We just say were cousins to make things easy!

July 2006:  Okay, so I've realized that although I may not be keeping up with this site as much as I should, people are still checking it out!  I just stopped my renewal for access and I'm contemplating that decision.  Today I received two emails about Stiver genealogy!  It figures that as soon as you get rid of something you didn't think you needed, then you do need it!  Maybe after my cruise this month I'll renew and get started again!
There really are a lot of Stiver's out there!  Now if I can just figure out when the spelling of "Stiver" changed.  That's was makes genealogy so challenging!  And fun too!!!
Update:  I've just gotten 2 more emails from members of this Stiver line!

Well.....  Nothing new is really happening in my Stiver Genealogy world, but it's not like I've been trying to find anything new either.  Seems like I've got a lot of other things to be focused on, which is good!  Maybe I'll dig around on the internet later tonight and find something undiscovered...

Happy 2006!!!  So I've decided that my resolution or motto for 2006, is "this is the year to get it done!"  Projects are going to be completed and things are going to be organized....this year!  I've got a big binder that I'm planning to put all the Stiver genealogy info in so it will be easier to understand and find.  I feel like I've got a things on my plate, but if I can get the little things done then I have more time to spend on BIG projects like my sister-in-law's wedding plans!  Fun, fun, fun...

Is it legal to ride a four-wheeler up and down an apartment parking lot inside the city limits?  Just curious because its really annoying at 10 pm.

Getting ready for CHRISTMAS!!!  Well, Paul and I have finished our holiday shopping...whether everyone was naughty or nice!  I'm still contemplating sending out a few Christmas cards.  We just don't do the mass card mail-out thing, seems too impersonal.  I might send out "Happy 2006" cards or something in January.  I'm really excited about 2006, heck I just can't wait until after the holidays!  I plan to dive right back into my genealogy thing and do some serious digging!

If anyone happens to be in the Dayton, OH area and has a kiddo in need of visiting SANTA, then stop by the Town & Country Mall in Kettering and meet my Uncle Tom.  He plays on the HBO series Deadwood and he's one heck of a great Santa!  I'll try to post his photo in my Photo Album.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I got a little note in the mail today from WH Kelly & Son.  It reads:  "The final date has now been inscribed on the memorial for William Allen Stiver.  This work has been done with careful attention to every detail, and we hope it will meet with your complete approval.  We thank you for our confidence by entrusting this work to us."  It's so nice to have this done before the holidays.  I can't wait to send Mick and Patricia a card letting them know it's been taken care of.  Hopefully someone in Altoona can take a picture of the finished headstone so I can update my website. 

Having Closure...  Well, I've been emailing back and forth with Patricia and she has so many great memories of my grandfather.  It's been so nice hearing what he was like and how he lived.  I have a sense of closure now and my curiousity has been satisfied.  With that being said, I've arranged to have the date of death FINALLY etched into my grandfather's headstone.  I can hardly wait to have the updated headstone photo posted on this site for everyone to see! 
Hmmmm....I think I'll had more photos on here today! 
My hubby got hired as the drummer for FIESTA TEXAS theme park!!!! 
YEAH!!!!  I've found PATRICIA STIVER!!!!  Gosh, I'm sooo excited!  To me she's like the missing key to knowing more about my grandfather.  I've got so many questions and I can only hope that she's patient with me while I try to make sense of all the bits and pieces and crazy stories I've heard. 

UGH......I've been soooo busy with work and babysitting my cousin's kid, that I've been deprived from updating my website!  I'm looking forward to spending some quality time researching and adding to the website possibly this weekend.  We'll see how well that works out though.

Anyhow, my latest discoveries for the Stiver genealogy was finding more information regarding two Stiver's that I previously didn't have any info on whatsoever!  John Stiver, the youngest son of William and Roseanna Stiver, and Charles Stiver, second son of William and Bertha Stiver, now have family info!  I'm still digging around to find more names and dates, but with time I will have it all! 

I'm crossing my fingers that someone may have info about William Stiver and Roseanna Jones' families prior to their marriage.  Arggg....and there are sooo many William Stiver's!  It's just crazy!

Dinner with the Bennick's!!!  During my trip to Houston this weekend to visit my best friend D, I had dinner with some of Blair Stiver's family.  Blair had a daughter named Dorothy who married Jack Bennick and then they had some children, one of them was Jerry Bennick.  I exchanged info with Jerry and his wife Eileen and their son Brian and his wife Kim Bennick.  It was so great to see pictures of Blair and Mabel Stiver!  It's amazing to find more Stiver decendants around than I thought, especially in Texas!  Blair moved to Lansing, Michigan way back when and I just assumed it would be too difficult to track down any of his family....I sure was wrong!  And thank goodness!
Our trip to Altoona was very informative!  I learned that everyone in the Stiver family has a nickname...well, almost everyone!  (Sorry, Jimmy!)  We tried to track down some photos of my grandpa (William Allen Stiver, Sr), but were unsuccessful.  However I'm not discouraged since we did discover some new information about him and where he was living before he passed away. 
I think I'll need to add a section to this website to include all the HILARIOUS stories that I heard!  (You will have to check back for that site!)  Email me for info you want to see about the Stiver's on here.