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Stiver Family History

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Well, this is my first website and I'm hoping to use it in order to provide and store information on my family history.  I'm new to the genealogy world and very eager to find bits and pieces of the Stiver family.  If you have any additional info you think I could use, then please email me at  Thanks!

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Samuel Stiver



October 1833
August 16, 1903
March 24, 1863
November 10, 1939
November 21, 1895
August, 4 1967
January 28, 1921
May 27, 1986
May 1, 1949

What's New?

December 2010

Well I just got my email address updated on this site so I should receive notifications now when people sign my guestbook.  Honestly, I haven't been on this site in quite a while.  I really enjoy, lots of information and extremely helpful volunteers. 

As always, let me know if your family links in with mine or if you have any info to share.  I love meeting new people and sharing family history!