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Stiver Family History

William J Stiver
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Family of William J Stiver and Albertha Jane Moore

William J Stiver
Born:  March 24, 1862
Died:  November 10, 1939
Father:  William Stiver
Mother:  Rosanah Jones Stiver
Married:  Bertha Jane Moore
              Born:  February 16, 1862
              Died:  June 21, 1901
1.  Walter A Stiver
     Born:  August 24, 1883
     Died:  August, 10, 1965
     Married:  Nellie Gray Peck
     Children:  Bertha M
2.  Rosa M Stiver
     Born:  March 11, 1886
     Died:  January 26, 1971
     Married:  William Edgar Gunsalus
     Children:  Cora, Catherine, Hazel, and Elwood
3.  Charles Moore Stiver
     Born:  February 23, 1887
     Died:  Unknown
     Married:  Bessie
     Children:  Florence, Ray, Charles and Donald
4.  Ida M Stiver
     Born:  July 17, 1889
     Died:  January 4, 1972
     Married:  William Mayhue
     Children:  Thomas B, Robert E, Jane, Helen, Clair R, and J Glenn
5.  Blair Stiver
     Born:  August 13, 1892
     Died:  July 23, 1966
     Married:  Mabel Slippey
     Children:  Dorothy, Jeanne and Kenneth B
     Born:  November 21, 1895
     Died:  August 4, 1967
     Married:  Margaret Catherine Johnson
     Children:  Meryle Thomas, Ray, Jean Virginia, William Allen, Kenneth G, Naomi, Carl, Donald Harold, Herbert Eugene and Mary Lou