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Stiver Family History

Ray Nelson Stiver Sr

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Family of Ray Nelson Stiver and Margaret Catherine Johnson

Ray Nelson Stiver
Born:  November 21, 1895
Died:  August 4,1967
Mother:  Bertha Jane Moore
Married:  Margaret Catherine Johnson
              Born:  September 5, 1895
              Died:  March 13, 1961
Married:  Thelma S Orr
1.  Meryle Thomas Stiver
     Born:  June 27, 1915
     Died:  June 11, 1971
     Married:  Dorothy Bartley
     Children:  Meryle Jr, Margaret, Judy, Sally, Sylvia L, Pauline, Ray N, Thomas L, Linda, Richard, Melody, and Susan
2.  Ray Stiver
     Born:  1917
     Died:  1942
     Married:  Helen I Love
     Children:  Donna, Kenneth, Debra, Dora May, Bonnie, Richard, Edward, and Terry
3.  Jean Virginia Stiver
     Born:  June 30, 1919
     Died:  November 18, 1980
     Married:  Harry Rueben Walters
     Children:  Margaret, Harry, John, Judith, Patricia, Clair, Curtis, Mary Lou, Daniel, Ronnie, Ronald, and Juanita
     Born:  January 28, 1921
     Died:  May 27, 1986
     Married:  Ader Lina "Jerry" Bench, Henrietta L Stensel
     Children:  Thomas Neal (adopted), William Allen Jr, and Stephen Ray
5.  Kenneth G Stiver
     Born:  September 7, 1924
     Died:  June 5, 1970
     Married:  Anna Marie Gruger
     Children:  Judith, Ellen Marie, and Brian Patrick (adopted, biological mother is Ellen)
6.  Naomi May Stiver
     Born:  January 1, 1925
     Died:  Living
     Married:  Joseph John Yonkosky
     Children:  Joseph John Jr, Agnes Marie, Mary Louise, Thomas George, Timothy Michael, and Jane Ann
7.  Carl Stiver
     Born:  April 25, 1928
     Died:  August 31, 1979
     Married:  Dolores Novack
     Children:  Robert and Pamela
8.  Donald Harold Stiver
     Born:  September 29, 1930
     Died:  Living
     Married:  Catherine J Wolf
     Children:  Donald Jr, Michael, David, Gerald, James, Raymond, John and Susan
9.  Herbert Eugene Stiver
     Born:  March 28, 1935
     Died:  September 15, 1993
     Married:  Mary Purdue, Margaret Jean "Peggy" Wise, and Barbara Jo Bagnell
     Children:  Linda, Kathy Jo, Kimberly A, Timothy, Vanessa, Janet, and Herbert Jr
10. Mary Lou Stiver
      Born:  February 18, 1942
      Died:  June 20, 2000
      Married:  Melvin D Fortney II
      Children:  Margaret C, Denise P, Tammy L, Melvin D III, and John A